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The ring-tailed cat is, in fact, not even a member of the feline family. These small animals are actually related to the raccoon and share the appearance of dark rings on their tails, which is where they get their name. Many ringtails choose to avoid residential areas, preferring the shelter of hollow trees, rock crevices and abandoned burrows. However, these inquisitive animals sometimes find themselves becoming comfortable in neighborhoods and developments.

To avoid larger predators such as bobcats and coyotes some ring-tailed cats may seek protection in the attics and crawl spaces of homes. Wildlife X Team offers fast and safe ring-tailed cat removal for Fort Worth and the surrounding areas..

Fort Worth: Ring-Tailed Cat Trapping

At Wildlife X Team, we have found that the most efficient method of ringtail removal involves trapping. Over our 2 decades in business, we have studied the habits and biology of these animals.

Based on this knowledge, we have developed humane techniques that allow us to rid your home or property of their presence. With our ring-tailed cat trapping, Fort Worth residents don't have to worry about the damage these rambunctious animals can cause.

Preventing Damage with Ring-Tailed Cat Control in Fort Worth

Whether these pests are tearing through your insulation in an attempt to build a nest, or they are overturning trash cans in their search for food, ring-tailed cats are able to cause unprecedented damage to your property. Their ability to squeeze through the smallest space may mean that they can actually gain entrance to your walls or the main parts of your home.

Along with our professional removal, Wildlife X Team also offers Fort Worth homes ring-tailed cat control. This means that we effectively trap and relocate the animal or animals, while also taking lengths to ensure that any points of entry are blocked off.

Safe & Humane Ringtail Relocation–Fort Worth TX–Keller TX–Southlake TX

Wildlife X Team is committed to providing our customers with completely humane services. This not only guarantees the protection of your home and property, but also ensures that the wildlife of our community continue to thrive. With our ringtail relocation for Forth Worth areas, we secure the animal and move it to a new environment, and then release it into the wild so it can live its life without becoming a nuisance.

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With the help of Wildlife X Team, you can decrease the likelihood of ring-tailed cats inhabiting your property. To learn more about our humane services, contact us today! We serve the areas of Fort Worth, Arlington, North Richland Hills, Bedford, Euless, Grapevine, Haltom City, Hurst, Mansfield, Keller, Azle, Colleyville, Crowley, Ft. Worth, Pantego, Saginaw, Southlake, Watauga, Texas along with surrounding counties: Denton and Parker Counties.