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If you have noticed an overabundance of bees at your home, professional bee removal from our team may be necessary. The only way to guarantee the complete eradication of bees from your environment is to remove the hive from the area, which can prove a difficult and dangerous task to those with no experience in this field. We offer fast and effective solutions for those who need us to remove bees in Fort Worth or the surrounding areas.

Bees in Fort Worth, TX

Need to Remove Bees from You Home?

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem. They play an integral part in the pollination and reproduction of plants and flowers. However, when they build nests near your home, they can become a dangerous nuisance. This is particularly true during the spring and summer seasons, which are the peak periods for bee activity.

It is therefore no surprise that spring and summer are when we have the most requests to remove bees from properties. Since these are the times when bees are most active, they are more likely to come into contact with people. While most bee species are not exceptionally aggressive, they can become aggressive when people accidentally disturb them while they are gathering nectar from a plant. They can also be territorial and attack people or animals that get too close to their nests.

The best way to deal with bees that have made a nest close to your home is to call in our bee control team. We use safe and effective bee removal methods to transfer the nests to another location. This allows the bees to continue contributing to the ecosystem without endangering people. It’s a win-win situation, which is what humane pest control is all about.

Experienced & Effective Bee Control

While bees work to build a colony, it is unlikely that you will notice their presence on your property. Once they have built a thriving hive, you can be sure that they will make themselves known to you and your family in their search for nectar and pollen. While bees often aren't considered hostile insects, they do sting when disturbed or in defense of their hive. Unlike honey bees, bumblebees can sting repeatedly without causing injury to themselves.

It is important to request our bee control services as soon as you notice there is a hive near your home. If you wait, the nest will become larger and there will be more bees to deal with. This makes them more hazardous, as an individual bee is relatively harmless, but a swarm of bees can be truly dangerous. There is also a greater chance that the bees will form new colonies if you do not remove the nest immediately. Our bee control experts provide prompt and thorough bee wildlife removal services to eliminate the threat of bees and relocate them to an unpopulated location.

Wasp Control: Keeping Your Family Safe

Common wasps create their nests from chewed-up wood fibers and saliva. Because wood is necessary for these insects to build their nests, it is likely that it will be located on parts of your home that are in close vicinity to trees. Once the nest is established, you will begin to notice a lot of wasp activity as they locate other insects and arthropods to feed to their young. Wasps have even been known to become aggressive around outdoor activities where human food is served, such as picnics. To protect your family and your neighbors from these insects, our company offers wasp removal. Homeowners often attempt to control these pests with over-the-counter sprays. This method is ineffective because it doesn't keep the surviving wasps from returning to their abandoned nest. With our help, we ensure that these unwanted insects are removed from your property and given a different place to call home.

Why You Need Hornet Removal

Just like bumblebees, hornets are capable of stinging multiple times. This can prove detrimental to family members or neighbors with severe allergies. Fiercely territorial, hornets have a habit of attacking anyone who comes close to their nests. Our pest control team is able to provide your home with hornet control that guarantees the safety of those you care about.

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