Ant Control in Fort Worth, Texas

Ants are a common pest that can thrive in just about any climate. During our time in business, our team has continued to provide ant control in Fort Worth, TX backed by proven techniques and reliable tools. Don’t wait until an ant colony causes serious damage to your home and outside property. Consult us as soon as possible and get the ant removal you expect and deserve.

Why You Need Professional Ant Control

Many ant species can thrive indoors and outdoors. This means that signs of ants in your yard may indicate a growing population inside your home! Ants gain entry into the home through the smallest cracks and openings. Once they’ve decided that your house is their new place of residence, no space is off-limits. If you avoid getting the ant control you need, you may soon be facing consequences like the following:
Indoor Infestation
Structural Damage
Outdoor Colony
Harmful Ant Bites


Want to Know More About Carpenter Ant Control?

Carpenter ants are a particular type of ant that colonizes in wood. When these ants live in a stable environment, they can maintain a colony anywhere from 10 to 20 years! In their attempt to continue growing the colony, they burrow and tunnel through any moist, decaying or hollow wood they find. This may prove to be a wood pile in the backyard, or an important aspect of your home’s structure.

If you want to avoid extensive home damage caused by the tunneling of a carpenter ant colony, then you need carpenter ant control that is quick and effective. Some signs that indicate your household is currently facing a carpenter ant problem include:
 Wood Shavings Near Cracks in Molding & Siding
 Hearing Ants Rummaging Around in the Wall
 Ants That Are Black or Red, or Both
 Ants with Front & Rear Wings
 Ants Walking in the Open During the Evening

ant control Fort Worth TX
ant control Fort Worth TX

ant control Fort Worth TX

Complete Ant Removal!

In order to ensure that all are eradicated from your property, the ant nest must be quickly located and removed. By removing the nest and treating the site where it was located, any remaining ants won’t be able to find their way back into your home. Our team of pest professionals completes every ant removal in a timely manner. This allows you and your family to enjoy an ant-free home and yard sooner than you ever expected.

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To learn more about the ant control from Wildlife X Team, contact us today! We proudly offer our ant control and removal in Fort Worth, Keller and the surrounding areas in Texas.